My phone buzzed.

I look at it, and I am knocked out.

No, my phone didn’t punch me.

Nope, nobody attacked me.

Regardless, every time I hear my phone rings or buzz, and I see who’s making such alerts, I feel as if I’ve been dragged into a fight that I never want to be part of. This ongoing (internal) battle with this one particular individual has made my life somewhat colorful. Sometimes I even feel itchy, and quite often I have to go out for some fresh air.

No, I don’t actually have any allergies. But when my mother calls or texts… I wish I do break out in hives so I can give her legit reason to stop bothering me.

She is a great person and without her I wouldn’t be here. But I am f*cking exhausted of her treating me as her property.

Long while ago, when I was in denial and unaware of my anger issues, I finally found the courage (thanks alcohol!) to ask her why she treats me the way she does. And her response has forever left a sting somewhere in my head;

“I don’t treat you bad! How rude. Without me, you wouldn’t be here! And because you are my flesh and blood, for as long as I live, you have to watch your attitudes. And no tattoos, no piercings, no hair colorings, NO NOTHING of anything you know I despise!”

And with that, I think a part of me just died.

…. to be continued ….

#mamallergy #family #problems #heritage #iamabanana #sheisalemon

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